Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Cheer... from me?

I don't know what it is about me, but since about 14 years old, I've just never been that into Christmas. Sure, I'd always get excited like everyone else for presents and parties. Plus you get time off work and school. Wonderful. I've just never been huge into the decorating and shopping and going to all the Christmas events. I could even turn into some what of a Grinch sometimes. I'm sure some of my poor, old roommates can attest to that. (Sorry roomies!) For me, the Christmas spirit has always been about the food, and that was all I really cared about. We would have the same meals growing up; a seafood extravaganza on Christmas Eve, and creamed eggs and lil' smokies the morning of. But everything else was kind of just there. Exciting yes, but it was just something you did solely because it's Christmas. By this time, my siblings were all moved out and starting families of their own, so our traditions kind of just started to fade. I usually knew what all the presents were, and a lot of the time wrapped everything. None the less, I still have always loved the time set aside to spend time with my family.

Well this year, I still love the time with my family, but decorating and countdowns are starting to get a little bit more exciting again as well. I still HATE Christmas music and I don't think that will ever change. But it's fun beginning to decorate and get ready for our first Holiday season as a married couple. I've spent Christmas with Jake before, but now we have our own house to decorate, and our own traditions to start. Of course we don't have any children, so no excited kids to play up the season to. But Jake is kind of a child himself when it comes to the Holidays. When I made no effort in decorating the house, he went and found us a tree and hung up the stockings. He wraps all our gifts and makes us hot chocolate to sip while we sit in front of the fires he starts. He makes me bundle up in my snow gear after a storm so we can make snow angels and have snowball fights. He even perks up like a 5 year old when the movie "The Polar Express" is mentioned during Sunday school. So, my husband may be rubbing off on me more and more. We already got our gifts "to each other" as we bought a new TV on black Friday. But Jake still has to sneak a present for me under the tree. What's more exciting than that? We don't have big plans Christmas day since we don't have a family of our own. And we're not even going to be doing a lot of the traditions we used to do with our families. But it's been so fun decorating our tree, looking at lights, and enjoying some Christmas cheer together. I don't know what's gotten into me? But I like it!

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