Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Family Photos

So of coarse I've always loved my family. They're wonderful and I look up to them in every way. No explanations needed. But not only do I love my family, but I absolutely love Jake's family. So this year it was kind of fun when both of our families decided it was time for family photos again.

First, we celebrated my Mom's birthday in October with a family gathering. When we did this, my cousin Janae came too and took our pictures before dinner. Janae is absolutely wonderful. She is the one who also took all of our wedding day photos, which we love so much. She's just getting started in photography, but she's been so great to work with. Not only that, she's the sweetest woman and does everything she can to help out. She really blows me away sometimes. Well, here are some of the photos she took for us.


Just a few weeks later we met with Elise, who is the twin sister of our sister-in-law Kara. Elise is also the one who took our engagement pictures, which we absolutely love as well. We love working with her every time and she is so much fun! This day was actually Madalyn's birthday. So again, we took some family pictures before the birthday dinner. We had so much fun just messing around, and looking beautiful of coarse.

Aren't our families just stunning? Man we love them.

If you'd like to see more of Janae's work you can look at facebook/pinkmossphotography  or
More of Elise's photos can be found at

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