Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fireplace Remodel

The first thing we changed in our home was the fireplace. That is the very first thing I saw in the house that I thought, "That HAS to go!" Mind you, that was before I spotted the counter tops. Regardless, it is the first thing that went. And this is how we did it.

This first picture is what the fireplace looked like before. It was a classic, all lava rock fireplace. I'm sorry this is the best picture we got. I didn't think of taking a better one as a keepsake, I was just more concerned about getting the dang thing out.

What we did (mostly what Jake did) was simply, tear it down! We chiseled into cracks to start with the knock everything loose. Once one rock came out however, the rest came a lot easier. We took them one at a time and pulled them out. I was surprised by how light they were too. So it really isn't too hard of a job.

If anyone is going to try this, I have a few suggestions.
1-I would suggest starting from the top down. As you can see, we didn't, and it got a little scarier towards the end.
2- Have a garbage, or somewhere to put everything on hand. It was a nightmare cleaning this up after we just threw it on the ground.
3- Make sure you have nothing around that you wouldn't mind if it got ruined.. there is a chance that it will get everything messy.

Now we had create our new fireplace. First we had to patch up the wall around it. We put mudded the wall around it to patch up any distorting features in the wall. We then texturized that entire wall to give it a little more appeal and blend in (hide) any flaws we may have missed. Jake texturized it by putting a garbage bag over a plunger and dipping that in mud. He would push this up against the wall randomly across the wall to give it the added texture. This is how his dad did it when he painted walls for a living. We let the mud dry and then painted the whole thing
Next,we found this mantle online for $50. It was used, but only for about a month or so. It was in perfect condition and we thought it was beautiful!

Next, we found a tile, which we also used in our basement, on sale at Lowes. It ended up being 55 cents a foot. Meaning the tile used for the fileplace cost us about $12

Total cost of our fireplace remodel? $62

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