Sunday, December 9, 2012

What some paint and wood floors can do

This is what our dining room looked like when we first bought the house. We immediately started ripping up the tile. Little did we know there were about 5 layers of flooring under that that also had to come up. Getting the floor up was hard work, but once it was done, the rest went fairly quickly. 

After we got all the layers up, and before we installed our new floor, my nephews came for a visit. I told them to draw us some pictures on our floor that we can have forever. They LOVED this, and immediately got to work, turning our sub floor into a personal mural. 
After their pictures were done, we installed laminate hard wood floors. We found a FANTASTIC deal on 10mm flooring at Sutherland's in Salt Lake City. To cover our entire kitchen and dining room it cost around $350. My cousin Levi, who had worked in flooring for a while, was kind enough to come over and show Jake how to install laminate flooring. We that to hire someone to install it for us as it can be pricey for how simple it is. Sure enough, Jake had it in in a day. It was hard work for sure, but we saved a lot doing it ourselves. 

We painted the walls ourselves, put in the flooring, and then added a simple baseboard. I think it turned out wonderful!

Dining Room Remodel.
Paint from Lowes- $30
Baseboards from Home Depot- $30
Laminate Hard Wood Flooring from Sutherlands- $350
Padding for wood from Granite Furniture- $40

Dining Room Total- $450

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