Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Easy Homemade Headboard

Above is our newly made headboard. We haven't had one in our bedroom yet since we moved in. We were looking everywhere trying to find an alternate solution to buying one, and this is what we came up with. Here is what the bed looked like before. It made a BIG difference I think. Here's how we did it.
First, we bought this shower curtain from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was only $30 and comes both in black and brown. Though really any curtain/ fabric and design would work. We actually picked this one because we had some gift cards to Bed Bath & Beyond, meaning we really didn't even have to pay for it! But we did buy some 1x4's from Home Depot that cost us a total of $9. Jake then made a frame out of these for support.
Once we had the frame, he just stapled the shower curtain around the frame. He then made holes in the back of the wood to hang it behind the bed. And ta-duh! All done! So simple, and it looks amazing!
Cooper wanted a picture with it..

Monday, January 28, 2013

An Update of the Mundane

I have come to the conclusion that Jake and I live an extraordinarily un-extraordinary life. I tried to think of something unusual or exciting to blog about, but not one thing came to mind. Instead, because that doesn't stop me from blogging, I will find something to blog about. So here are a few updates of our boringly normal lives.

First of all, we have found that having a dog makes it completely acceptable to stay at our house and do nothing. Don't get me wrong, this is usually one of our favorite activities. But it usually leaves us feeling guilty and somewhat worthless. Well, now when we decide to stay home and be lazy, it's because we're taking care of our dog and we "have to" be there. It's wonderful!

Saturday we did take Cooper to meet other dogs as well. I'm pretty sure this was more for our entertainment than his. But first, we took him to Pet-smart where the Humane Society had brought all their dogs. He ran around sniffing and playing with all the animals and loved it. We then took him to see my Uncle Matt, Aunt Keri and cousin Kirsten. They are so wonderful and he needed to be introduced. Though their dog Sally wasn't too fond of our overly rambunctious puppy.
proof and point
Finally we finished off the day visiting my brother Trevor. Trevor's dogs had just had a litter of puppies 6 weeks ago. So we went to see their puppies and Cooper was able to play with them too. Surprisingly  they were a little too rambunctious for him. Thank goodness!

Also, I really love our dog and I talk about him all the time. So does Jake. I'm sorry if you fall victim to our puppy ramblings. Like this post. It is what it is.

On to things that don't include our dog. We were able to visit our friends Erick and Kelsey. They just moved into their brand new home! They'd been trying to get this townhouse since their wedding and kept having problems. FINALLY, they were able to close and have started moving in. I don't have any pictures, but the place was beautiful and we are so happy for them!

Jake is back to school again which means I get a lot of alone time while he is locked away studying in the office. Great. You would think that I would get more done myself with all the alone time. No. I just try pester him instead. Yes he loves me.

Monday, January 21, 2013

An Ode to the Wedding Dress

So I sold my Wedding Dress. I know that this really isn't something monumental enough to blog about. But here I am anyways. I was really excited to get some extra cash (as was Jake). But it's kind of sad to see it go. When we got engaged I had every intention of just renting a dress. However, that's not as easy as I thought it would be since most places didn't even care anything near my size or the style I wanted. So when I bought my dress, I planned to sell it too. I really have just never seen the point for me to keep it in a closet somewhere that I would never touch.

It was a little bit tougher than I originally expected. In fact, I did keep it in a closet untouched for about 4 months. But the thing was, I (like every other bride out there) absolutely LOVED my dress. I (like every other bride) thought I had the most beautiful dress, and none other even compared. And I (like ever other bride) saw a lot of sentimental value in the dress. However,  finally when I realized I hadn't even looked at it in all that time, I decided it was time to part. I listed it and knew I would also need to dry clean it, but I kept putting that off as well. Dry cleaning a wedding dress is EXPENSIVE! Well this weekend I got a call from a cute girl who came and tried it on. She looked beautiful in it and called me later to say she wanted to buy it that day. So I never even had to clean it. YES! She came back and picked it up, and it is out of our lives forever. So here's to the wedding dress. You were a great part of our lives while it lasted, and you will be forever remembered in picture form only.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Story of Cooper

Really there's not much of a story behind it. We bought a puppy. That's about all there is to it. But I'll make it into a story anyways mostly because I just want to post adorable pictures of our cute baby.

We had been talking for a while about dogs we wanted. Jake and I are both big dog lovers, and we both really wanted one. The only thing was I wanted a Husky or a German Sheppard. Something that would knock me over if it jumped on me. Jake wanted something like a toy poodle that can be confined to one square foot. We started looking for a breed that we could meet in the middle with. We researched all types of dogs and looked for exactly what we wanted. We had a list to work with. We knew is we wanted a pure bred dog, light or no shedding, medium sized, well behaved and tempered. As we looked over different breeds and this list, we kept coming back to Beagles.

So we had the breed we wanted in mind. We just thought we would wait a while until we found a puppy. There are a couple of breeders in Utah, that did not have any litters, and that were very expensive. We were discourage by the prices and wondered if that's how much all beagles were. So we looked online at other prices and came across a picture of our adorable puppy. That is when we fell in love. He was well priced and well cared for. And did I mention adorable?? We weren't even going to start looking for months, and yet, here was this cute puppy available right away. We asked for more pictures, just to see how cute he was. That was a mistake. We couldn't say no after that!

So we made the decision that we were getting a puppy! Cooper had to fly in from St. Louis though. I was so worried about this, but they took really good care of him. He was fed during the flight and was carried around by workers. We got to the airport on Friday, and they carried him in for us. We saw our dog and were smitten. He's been so great and so much fun. Yes, we have only had him for a week, so I'm sure our patients is going to start wearing thinner and thinner. But as of right now, I am still so happy and excited about our decision. We love him so much!

 Sitting in the Jake's robe pocket.. aw...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review

So like everyone else I have been thinking about this past year and everything that has happened. All I can say is, Dang! 2012 completely changed my life. Reflecting on the year it kind of amazed me what difference a year can make. At the beginning of 2012, Jake and I had just been dating for only a few months after he had returned from his mission. I had been working at my new job for less than a month, and had just moved to the Salt Lake Valley after graduating from USU. A lot has changed.

In February, my 4 month old niece was life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital. She was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis, and there were many times that we all thought she wasn't going to make it. And even with her little body, I don't think I've ever witnessed a stronger person. She survived with all of her limbs and mentality in tact. And in November we celebrated her 1st birthday. 

April was an exciting month as Jacob completely took me by surprise and got down on one knee. 

Our engagement passed quickly because we didn't give ourselves time to even breathe. First, in May I competed in the Northwest Regional Championships for Scottish Dance in Portland. I hadn't danced in 3 years, but somehow qualified once again to compete in U.S. Championships. I also attended my graduation from Utah State University. Though I graduated in 2011, I didn't walk until May. And then of coarse we kissed on the "A"...
Also, after months of looking, we finally closed on our house in July. While I was signing the papers, Jake was already tearing everything apart. We had 5 weeks until our wedding day and we renovated our entire house in that time.
While renovating, we also trained. Jake for Ragnar which he ran in Washington state in July. Me for U.S. Championship which were held in Maryland the same weekend in July.

While I was there, I was also able to visit Washington D.C. with my Mom. We had a lot of fun running around the city.

In August, I went through the temple. I was so blessed to have my sister and brother-in-law, my parents and future parents there as well as my future husband. This was such an amazing blessing that keeps uplifting me every time I go. On August, 18 Jake and I were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple and finally married. We had a spectacular day which couldn't have been any better. He is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I am so blessed to have him.

We waited until Jake's fall break and then left for our honeymoon. We went to the island of Roatan in Honduras and had a week in absolute paradise. We relaxed on the white sand beaches and went snorkeling in the corral reef every day. We went zip lining through the jungle down to the beach. We played with and fed monkeys. And my favorite, went snorkeling with dolphins! So cool! We loved that trip so much!

This past Christmas we spent time with family from both sides. We had time to to parties with both sides of my family, as well as with Jake's family. We had so much fun and it was wonderful to see everyone. 

It's been a wonderful year and so much has happened. I feel blessed to have had this time for all these wonderful experiences and big steps in my life. However, as I reflect on all these things we've done. I can't help but think about how much money we've spent this past year too... I'm not even going to try to add everything all up though... I don't want to know.