Monday, January 28, 2013

An Update of the Mundane

I have come to the conclusion that Jake and I live an extraordinarily un-extraordinary life. I tried to think of something unusual or exciting to blog about, but not one thing came to mind. Instead, because that doesn't stop me from blogging, I will find something to blog about. So here are a few updates of our boringly normal lives.

First of all, we have found that having a dog makes it completely acceptable to stay at our house and do nothing. Don't get me wrong, this is usually one of our favorite activities. But it usually leaves us feeling guilty and somewhat worthless. Well, now when we decide to stay home and be lazy, it's because we're taking care of our dog and we "have to" be there. It's wonderful!

Saturday we did take Cooper to meet other dogs as well. I'm pretty sure this was more for our entertainment than his. But first, we took him to Pet-smart where the Humane Society had brought all their dogs. He ran around sniffing and playing with all the animals and loved it. We then took him to see my Uncle Matt, Aunt Keri and cousin Kirsten. They are so wonderful and he needed to be introduced. Though their dog Sally wasn't too fond of our overly rambunctious puppy.
proof and point
Finally we finished off the day visiting my brother Trevor. Trevor's dogs had just had a litter of puppies 6 weeks ago. So we went to see their puppies and Cooper was able to play with them too. Surprisingly  they were a little too rambunctious for him. Thank goodness!

Also, I really love our dog and I talk about him all the time. So does Jake. I'm sorry if you fall victim to our puppy ramblings. Like this post. It is what it is.

On to things that don't include our dog. We were able to visit our friends Erick and Kelsey. They just moved into their brand new home! They'd been trying to get this townhouse since their wedding and kept having problems. FINALLY, they were able to close and have started moving in. I don't have any pictures, but the place was beautiful and we are so happy for them!

Jake is back to school again which means I get a lot of alone time while he is locked away studying in the office. Great. You would think that I would get more done myself with all the alone time. No. I just try pester him instead. Yes he loves me.

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