Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Easy Homemade Headboard

Above is our newly made headboard. We haven't had one in our bedroom yet since we moved in. We were looking everywhere trying to find an alternate solution to buying one, and this is what we came up with. Here is what the bed looked like before. It made a BIG difference I think. Here's how we did it.
First, we bought this shower curtain from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was only $30 and comes both in black and brown. Though really any curtain/ fabric and design would work. We actually picked this one because we had some gift cards to Bed Bath & Beyond, meaning we really didn't even have to pay for it! But we did buy some 1x4's from Home Depot that cost us a total of $9. Jake then made a frame out of these for support.
Once we had the frame, he just stapled the shower curtain around the frame. He then made holes in the back of the wood to hang it behind the bed. And ta-duh! All done! So simple, and it looks amazing!
Cooper wanted a picture with it..