Friday, January 11, 2013

The Story of Cooper

Really there's not much of a story behind it. We bought a puppy. That's about all there is to it. But I'll make it into a story anyways mostly because I just want to post adorable pictures of our cute baby.

We had been talking for a while about dogs we wanted. Jake and I are both big dog lovers, and we both really wanted one. The only thing was I wanted a Husky or a German Sheppard. Something that would knock me over if it jumped on me. Jake wanted something like a toy poodle that can be confined to one square foot. We started looking for a breed that we could meet in the middle with. We researched all types of dogs and looked for exactly what we wanted. We had a list to work with. We knew is we wanted a pure bred dog, light or no shedding, medium sized, well behaved and tempered. As we looked over different breeds and this list, we kept coming back to Beagles.

So we had the breed we wanted in mind. We just thought we would wait a while until we found a puppy. There are a couple of breeders in Utah, that did not have any litters, and that were very expensive. We were discourage by the prices and wondered if that's how much all beagles were. So we looked online at other prices and came across a picture of our adorable puppy. That is when we fell in love. He was well priced and well cared for. And did I mention adorable?? We weren't even going to start looking for months, and yet, here was this cute puppy available right away. We asked for more pictures, just to see how cute he was. That was a mistake. We couldn't say no after that!

So we made the decision that we were getting a puppy! Cooper had to fly in from St. Louis though. I was so worried about this, but they took really good care of him. He was fed during the flight and was carried around by workers. We got to the airport on Friday, and they carried him in for us. We saw our dog and were smitten. He's been so great and so much fun. Yes, we have only had him for a week, so I'm sure our patients is going to start wearing thinner and thinner. But as of right now, I am still so happy and excited about our decision. We love him so much!

 Sitting in the Jake's robe pocket.. aw...

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