Monday, March 25, 2013

More are Called

So I wrote (here) about my sister-in-law getting her mission call, along with some other good friends of mine.Well since then, there has been even more excitement for the future mission field. First, my good friend Carolyn received her call the the Dominican Republic. She leaves in June and I couldn't be more happy for her. She's the cutest, sweetest girl, and I know she's going to be amazing at everything she does. She is going to accomplish great things.

This weekend in particular was full of more missionary excitement. My best friend Courtney received her mission call! I first met Courtney when we were on drill team together in high school. She was a year younger than me, and took a year a Snow College where she received her associates degree. When she was done there, she joined me at Utah State. We only lived together for one semester before I graduated and moved away for work. But even with just one semester, she was the best roommate I had. I absolutely love this girl. She was always the strong and inspiring one of us. She has always been so loving and sweet to everyone. She is the perfect friend and so selfless. I can't think of a better person to bring hope and love to people's lives.

Well this sweet girl has been called to serve the lucky people living in the Virginia, Chesapeake Mission. The best part about this though is Courtney is going Spanish speaking. I have been making fun of her for years for her inability to roll her R's or comprehend a syllable of Spanish. Before she opened her call I even told her, she could go anywhere, just as long as it wasn't Spanish speaking. Of coarse, like always, I was proven wrong. This girl is learning Spanish, and she's going to be amazing.

With Courtney and Carolyn both receiving their mission calls. That is now every one of my bridesmaids that now have their call, or in Kirsten's case, out in the field already. That is everyone of them besides my married sister with three children. She'll still be home like me. I'm going to have to spend a lot of time with her while they're away. But as for these other four girls. They're going to kill it. They have been called to places all over the world. All different mission, serving all different people. But they are all going with the same purpose, and that's to preach the gospel. I love everyone these beautiful ladies, and I really just think the world of them.

Well on top of Courtney getting her call this weekend. We went to our old roommate Aubrey's farewell. I wrote in the previous post that Aubrey had been call to the Lima North Mission. Well it is now her time to get out there and start doing her thing. She leaves in two days! I'm so excited for her. She is going somewhere dear to my heart. I love the people of Peru and I know first hand that the members of the church down there and so strong and full of the spirit. I know there are so many others waiting to hear about the gospel. They love the work the missionaries are doing and appreciate every little act of service. She's going to love it there, but she's especially going to love these sweet people. She did such a wonderful job and I know she's going to bless a lot of live during her time there.

We love you Auburrito!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kitchen Remodel

I have drafts of all these things I was thinking about blogging about. Then I just never have the desire to finish. Who knows, this post might end up in the blog post graveyard with the rest of them, but I'll try to stick it out to the end.
My attempt at another post will be to describe the work we've done to our kitchen. Yeah this is not the most entertaining subject, but it's something I want to remember, so this is mostly for my own good. Here is what we did.

 We started with the most AWFUL kitchen you can imagine. We knew from the beginning that it was gross... and for some reason we wanted to buy the house and remodel it. Well, the cabinets were falling apart, and the counter-tops had laminate tiles stuck (and ripping off) of them. They laid different colored and different shaped tiles for the floor. The back splash had pictures of buckets and watering cans. what? And the walls were all pink.
     When we started demolition, there were another 5 layers of flooring they never removed. And I kid you not, full on NESTS of dead cockroaches behind the cabinets AND back splash. I couldn't go near any of that. I made Jake do it all. So Gross. We did get rid of them though.

     Once everything was down, we started created the kitchen we wanted.We changed the floor plan of the kitchen, so we had to rewire the dishwasher through the floor. That is really the only trouble we had with that. Though we did replace the sub-floor that was under the dishwasher because there was water damage. All we had to do was cut our the original and nail down a new piece. Changing the floor plan really opened up the space though and also allowed us to also add an island.
     We then painted the walls. We ordered cabinets, stained and installed them ourselves. My Uncle Mike came and showed Jake how to do that and helped us get started.
(These were our cabinet helpers. What handsome brothers.)
Then my cousin Levi showed Jake how to install the flooring and he laid the pad and got it all set in a day.

     We had granite counter tops installed as well. This was by far the most expensive part of our kitchen, but we decided that is what we wanted. We absolutely love them and they were so worth the money. Finally, my Dad helped us to install our tile back splash and grout it. We just put on plate covers and finishing touches and we were done!

     We have our beautiful kitchen now and we couldn't be happier! We do realize the white stove does not match too. We're just past caring for the time being.

Here are the specs on our kitchen remodel.
Cabinets were purchased for- $1000!
Stain, Paint, and Supplies- $100
Floor and Pad- $300
Granite Counter-tops- $2200
Fancy Plate Covers- $40 
Sub-Floor- $10
Back-splash and Grouting supplies- $130
Microwave- $170
Stove- Came with the House
Dishwasher and Fridge- We found free! 

Total for Entire Kitchen Remodel-  $3,950