Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We Love Cooper

People shouldn't talk about their pets this much... or take this many pictures of their pets... or be this in love with an animal... Right? Well, we are. We love are dog. We love him and we don't care who knows it! So because we love him so much, we're going to share some of our lovable pictures of him because we can't handle all of this cuteness on our own!

We just recently reseeded the lawn in our backyard. So because of this we still can't walk on it for another 3 weeks. Yes it already looks like a nightmare. We'll mow in 3. In the meantime, Cooper doesn't really have anywhere to run around so we've been walking with him to the park in our neighborhood. It's fun just sitting there watching him while he runs around. He loves it.
Exhibit A:
We take the football and pass it while he's playing off in his own little world. But then he sees it and can't handle it. He must join. 
Exhibit B:
If we don't let him play, he'll beg.

Now one more thing about Mr. Cooper. He is a CUDDLE MONSTER! If he wants to relax, he MUST cuddle. Like this,

Friday, May 3, 2013

Benefits of Marriage

To see my husband's version, click here Benefits of Marriage-His Perspective

You could say we're still in our "Honeymoon" or "Newlywed" or whatever phase you want to call it, having only been married for 9 months. Even still, I think this list can apply to any marriage in some way or another. It'll be interesting to look back on this a few years from now and see what I would like to add or take away from this list. But for now, here are a list of things that make marriage wonderful. 

  1. Having someone to share all of your experiences with
  2. Having someone that can reach the top shelf for you
    • Trust me, this is a HUGE benefit for me and my 5'2'' self
  3. Having support in all things
  4. Having someone to cry to
    • Jake is this person all too often. Half the time, I don't even know the reason. But it's great to have him there to pat me on the back and look confused. 
  5. Having a person to talk to
    • I need to talk through every little immaculate detail of my plans. I need reassurance and opinions. I need someone to agree or disagree with my thoughts. I need someone to give me advice from time to time. Well, check. check. and check.
  6. Having a warm body next to you on those cold nights
  7. Having someone to tell you when you're being ridiculous
    • Really. This comes in handy for me quite often.
  8. Having something to always work on (marriage)
  9. Living together
    • Owning a home that belongs to both of us makes it OURS. We work together on fixing it up, picking paint colors, choosing decorations, keeping it clean. It's ours to take care of, and ours to love and live together in.
  10. Having a Handy-man
    • I no longer have to rely 100% on my dad to find me in my times of need. Jake sure knows his way around a tool belt, and what a relief that is!
  11. Having two families
    • Two support systems. Two of every holiday. Two sets of people you love. Two sets of people who love you. Two families that would do anything for you. And two families who will always be there for both of you. The benefits of this one are endless.
  12. Having the best humor by your side at all times. Seriously. My husband is HILARIOUS!
  13. Having another person just as mischievous as you
    • My partner in crime. 
  14. Having someone to compliment your looks 
    • I often get "That butt!" a couple times a day. I don't know what I'd do without it anymore!
  15. Having a Friday night date
  16. Having a travel partner
    • This is big for me as I traveled half the world on my own. This was great at the time, but now, traveling has become 1000 times better! It's so fun exploring new places and seeing new things together. Yes, it does now cost twice as much, but it's SO worth it!
  17. Having a live-in best friend
  18. Having someone that knows you better than you know yourself
    • Why yes. I did say BETTER than you know yourself. Every move I make. He knows the thoughts going through my mind before I can figure them out myself.
  19. Having reassurance and loyalty
    • Just the knowledge that I have my person. He's going to be there when I get home. He's going to be there for me the rest of our lives. I can count on him.
  20. Having a person to cuddle with after waking up from a scary dream
    • Even if he does push you off in his sleep
  21. Having a person to cuddle with in general
  22. Having a person to complain to
    • Sad. But, oh so true. 
  23. Having an extra income
    • Seriously. I have never been more financially stable, and felt more financially secure in my entire life. I couldn't even tell you what the difference is right now. But I just know that getting married has done wonders to my bank account, and calmed my obsessive mind.
  24. Having pets together
    • I just had to add this one because we love our dog. Obviously we don't know what it's like yet to have kids together. So.. replace pets with "children" as desired.
  25. Having a person to plan the future with. Even if the only plan you have for your future is having them there.
    • We don't know where our lives will end up, but we can plan and think it through. Talk baby names and careers. It's nice knowing that someone is planning on living the same life as you, and working with you to accomplish it.

Anything else you think should be added?