Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We Love Cooper

People shouldn't talk about their pets this much... or take this many pictures of their pets... or be this in love with an animal... Right? Well, we are. We love are dog. We love him and we don't care who knows it! So because we love him so much, we're going to share some of our lovable pictures of him because we can't handle all of this cuteness on our own!

We just recently reseeded the lawn in our backyard. So because of this we still can't walk on it for another 3 weeks. Yes it already looks like a nightmare. We'll mow in 3. In the meantime, Cooper doesn't really have anywhere to run around so we've been walking with him to the park in our neighborhood. It's fun just sitting there watching him while he runs around. He loves it.
Exhibit A:
We take the football and pass it while he's playing off in his own little world. But then he sees it and can't handle it. He must join. 
Exhibit B:
If we don't let him play, he'll beg.

Now one more thing about Mr. Cooper. He is a CUDDLE MONSTER! If he wants to relax, he MUST cuddle. Like this,

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