Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Personalized Wedding Photos

With me running my own dance studio, Crane School of Highland Dance, and having competed and performed in Highland Dance my whole, life, I wanted it to be a part of my wedding day.

We were lucky enough to get my cousin Janae to take all of our wedding pictures. I'm so happy she did this for us because I had so much I wanted to do. I wanted pictures that were more personal and meaningful to us, and I think she did a great job in helping us to do this. She took great pictures and was so patient with my outrageous, over the top, countless requests. I love our wedding photos, so I have to share some of the ones that are more personalized to us. Yes, have to.

First, I wanted pictures with my dance shoes on while Jake was wearing his baseball cleats. We'd both grown up immersed in our sport, and we love them. So this seemed perfect for us.

Next. Since he was into baseball, I wanted to throw my sport in there too. I LOVE everything about football! So we took some with a football and baseball as well.

And then one reppin' our teams... Go fins!

When that fun was over, I wanted some like this.

Janae also had this cute idea. I love all these pictures!

Of course we took some normal wedding photos too. I'll have to post some more of them some time because I think they're great!

Lets not forget my sister Melissa who also went around with us taking more pictures. She got some great shots too! 

Finally, on the personalized photos note. I take jumping pictures everywhere I go. That's kind of my thing. I have pictures of me jumping all around the world. So during the reception, Janae and Melissa set up a little "jumping booth" We have pictures of all of our guests jumping. Including the wedding party below. 

Basically all I'm saying is I love how meaningful our wedding photos are to us. They may not mean all that much to anyone else, but they show us to a T. I love randomly looking through them all the time. We had a great wedding day and can't thank Janae enough for capturing that for us!