Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Lovin'

For the first time in a while I feel like I'm actually able to enjoy some summertime. Last year was SO crazy.

  • We were renovating our house
  • Jake was going to school full time
  • We were both working full time 
  • My job kept me insanely busy
  • We were planning a wedding
  • I competed in the U.S. Championships in D.C.
  • Jake ran Ragnar in Washington State
  • We moved
Basically. It was a nightmare

The year before that, Jake was still on his mission in D.C. while I was living and working in Peru. Though that was exciting and I did a lot of fun things there, it was their winter time.

This year, we are making a valid effort of enjoying ourselves a little bit. Though much of this enjoyment has to be done on weekends, we do what we can. Jake is still going to school and working full time. He has tough classes at night and is always busy. But we plan accordingly and are doing what we can.

Warning. This will be a picture overload.

This past week we took a day off work to just go hang out at the pool and have some fun. We ended up going to Kearns Rec center and swimming, playing basketball, playing tennis, and watching some of a water polo tournament they had going on. (who knew the world kept going while I'm locked away at work?)
 Yes. We are so attractive.
Cooper has been feeling some of this summertime heat as well. Where does a dog go when he's all hot and needs to cool down? He lays down in the bathtub. Naturally.
Jake was playing in a spring softball league that just ended as well. They ended up winning the whole thing. It's always fun watching him play, but this year they killed everyone. It made for some pretty boring games. I'll be honest.

Now this weekend was pretty great. First, our neighborhood threw a luau. Complete with the pig, dancers, music and all. It was so fun and we loved hanging out with all our neighbors and enjoying the superb food.

 Oh. And the missionaries.
Finally, we hit up some Taylorsville Dayz! This is our stompin' ground. We went last year as well. But this year it was SO packed. I couldn't believe how many people were there. I took a picture of the crowd watching the Abba concert because I couldn't believe the amount of people. 
See. Tons. But we made our way around to the shops, rides, games, and then sat and watched the spectacular fireworks show.  Our city does it right. 

We have more plans for the summer ahead and will hopefully get lots of time to relax and enjoy some more fun summer activities. We've been able to go hang out at the canyon, go hiking, and lay by the pool with some friends. We're going away for the 4th this weekend so I'm sure I'll have more to post about that later. As for now, enjoy this heat!

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