Thursday, November 21, 2013

Family, Dance and Halloween.

This month is my Mother's birthday, so one Sunday we all got together to spend time with her and celebrate. We had a family friend visiting from Glasgow as well, so he was able to come spend time with us all that night too. 

Later in October, I made my dancing debut once again at a local Utah competition. I keep telling people that I'm completely done competing and then I just get this strong desire to keep doing it, even though it's SO hard on my body now. Well, I worked for a month to get my endurance up to the point where I could make it through a dance, and I competed at the First Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City. I had a lot of fun being a part of the competition again rather than organizing it. My niece and nephews were there to watch as well. After the awards I gave each of them a first place medal. Now I'm officially retired from competition again. Maybe. Maybe not.

For Halloween we went for a Life of Pi theme. This is started because we wanted to dress up our dog. Yes, our costumes revolved around our dog. We found a cheap Tiger costume online and decided he would be Richard Parker, then naturally Jake was Pi, so I was left to be the Zebra. The ears are the only indication.
Jake ended up looking like and Muslim- Buddhist, but it fits! That's what you get when you throw together a costume using old clothes and bed sheets. 

We were going to dress up and go to a party or something the weekend before Halloween, but I ended up being really sick during that time. So we stayed home and watched movies while Jake placed me in quarantine on the other side of the room. On Halloween we went to the Deklerk's house. We hung out with everyone and just ate lots of food and candy. The dolphins (my team) were playing the Bengals, so we watched that. Coincidentally, Cooper was dressed up as the opposing team.

Oh yeah, and then this happened.
Jake bought a motorcycle. He is in love. We got a really great deal on it. Jake will be using it for commuting in warm weather since he car gets such terrible gas mileage. However, he has a great winter vehicle so we didn't see the point in getting rid of it yet. We might as well get as much use out of it as possible, but also get good gas mileage while we can. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Benefits of Marriage- His Perspective

You may have read my "Benefits of Marriage" post here. These are my opinion of what have been the biggest blessings associated with marriage in my mind. There are so many great experiences that come from being married and spending my life with my husband. Now I'm passing the torch to him and it's his turn to tell you the benefits he sees in marriage.

Kelsey may have touched on some of these already, so hopefully this will not be too repetitive. But here it goes. The benefits of marriage- his perspective.

  1. Making love :)
    • (My wife told me not to say sex)
  2. Having someone to talk to that understands you and your situations
    • She lives with me 24/7 and knows what's going on in my life. My wife is someone you can talk to about EVERYTHING. With your friends or even family, you may leave some things out. It may not feel comfortable to talk through certain things. Your wife is someone who can hear and give advice for all things and you can always trust her. 
  3. Having a wife while also being in school
    • Most people think school might be more difficult being married, but it's the complete opposite. I don't worry about my social life as much because mine revolves around my wife. While this is a huge distraction for most college students, I'm to bed on time every night, my assignments are turned in on time and not rushed. And I live in a peaceful house with a wife that understands I need quiet time alone to study. Plus, my wife has a full time job, making it easier to pay for school and take days off when I need to study. It doesn't hurt that she's a great school counselor too.
  4. Having a live-in Woman's intuition
    • Sometimes in comes in very useful.
  5. Having a woman roommate
    • She is clean, smells nice, and cooks food. If it weren't for her, I'd have a lot of microwaved burritos and McDonald's.
  6. Not having to worry about the bills
    • I know this is very specific to MY wife. But I don't know what I'd do without her! She enjoys taking care of the bills, checking the bank account, and managing our money. I on the other hand just have to hand her my check every week. 
  7. Working on projects together
    • Or should I say, she tells me what she wants, I build it. Then when I secretly don't like her idea, I can make up an excuse of why it won't work, and she's none the wiser. 
  8. Having two incomes and a bigger bank account
    • With two of us working right now, and Kelsey's money management skills, we're both better off than ever.
  9. Having a travel buddy
    • Our honeymoon was my first time out of the country. Kelsey has years of world traveling experience and loves to share with me and we're already planning many more vacations. Traveling is more fun when you have somebody enjoyable to share it with and new places to see.
  10. Having two families
    • We have more great examples of relationships and family structures. They give us ideas on how we want to raise our family. I  am grateful for the experiences we get to share with each of our families.  
  11. Having someone to torment 
    • It's so entertaining. And the play fighting might lead to better things...
  12. Having someone who knows where you've been and how far you've come
  13. Having someone to do nothing with
    • Being lazy when you're alone means sitting on the couch like a slob. Being lazy when you're married means talking with someone else and enjoying someone's company. You never have to feel lonely when you have your spouse there with you.
  14. Having security and commitment
    • It's good to know nobody else can take my lady, and she wouldn't have them if they tried.
  15. Having someone who expects more from you to bring out your better side
    • Yes, it's frustrating sometimes when I don't want to go the extra mile. But when it comes down to it, my wife knows when people need us to visit or call. She knows when I need to make more of an effort with some aspect of my life. She pushes me to be better and helps me recognize my weaknesses. 
  16. Having an "important days reminder"
    • She's great at it. I'm terrible. I take the credit for thinking I remember all my siblings birthdays, but it's really her reminding me. Every time. 
  17. Having pets together
    • Yes, pets. Just pets. We love our beagle.
  18. Living with my best friend
    • Really, it's a lot of fun. And she has boobs.
  19. Having someone to complain to
  20. Making decisions together
    • I think people perceive marriage as the end of your freedom, and you suddenly become "tied down". In reality, your life becomes more meaningful and decisions are made by both parties, not just your wife.
  21. Having a better half who is good at math
    • I can't math
  22. Having a Friday Night date
    • I never have to worry about being turned down again. (even though I probably never was)
  23. Buying your first home together
    • Going through new experiences together helps strengthen your relationship and understanding of one another. 
  24. My wife happens to likes sports...
    • No matter who you marry, it obviously makes it better if you both love the same things.
  25. Seeing the bigger picture
    • I feel like when you're just dating and going to school you mainly think about yourself and the now. After marriage, things become a lot more significant. You take on a new perspective and think about the future and what you want from your life and your relationships.