Thursday, November 21, 2013

Family, Dance and Halloween.

This month is my Mother's birthday, so one Sunday we all got together to spend time with her and celebrate. We had a family friend visiting from Glasgow as well, so he was able to come spend time with us all that night too. 

Later in October, I made my dancing debut once again at a local Utah competition. I keep telling people that I'm completely done competing and then I just get this strong desire to keep doing it, even though it's SO hard on my body now. Well, I worked for a month to get my endurance up to the point where I could make it through a dance, and I competed at the First Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City. I had a lot of fun being a part of the competition again rather than organizing it. My niece and nephews were there to watch as well. After the awards I gave each of them a first place medal. Now I'm officially retired from competition again. Maybe. Maybe not.

For Halloween we went for a Life of Pi theme. This is started because we wanted to dress up our dog. Yes, our costumes revolved around our dog. We found a cheap Tiger costume online and decided he would be Richard Parker, then naturally Jake was Pi, so I was left to be the Zebra. The ears are the only indication.
Jake ended up looking like and Muslim- Buddhist, but it fits! That's what you get when you throw together a costume using old clothes and bed sheets. 

We were going to dress up and go to a party or something the weekend before Halloween, but I ended up being really sick during that time. So we stayed home and watched movies while Jake placed me in quarantine on the other side of the room. On Halloween we went to the Deklerk's house. We hung out with everyone and just ate lots of food and candy. The dolphins (my team) were playing the Bengals, so we watched that. Coincidentally, Cooper was dressed up as the opposing team.

Oh yeah, and then this happened.
Jake bought a motorcycle. He is in love. We got a really great deal on it. Jake will be using it for commuting in warm weather since he car gets such terrible gas mileage. However, he has a great winter vehicle so we didn't see the point in getting rid of it yet. We might as well get as much use out of it as possible, but also get good gas mileage while we can. 

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  1. I love you family Halloween costume. I think the fact you involved the dog makes it like 10 times more awesome! haha