Monday, December 16, 2013

Looking Back (the mushy gushy)

Last night with Jake's family, we played a game a lot like the Newlywed Game. One of the questions, "Where was your first date?" was really difficult for us to answer. We had known each other for 3 years before we ever went on an official date. But even then we had had so many "dates" before that that we have NO idea what counts. So this subject got us talking late last night about everything that has brought us to where we are now. It's amazing to see where our lives have led us, and how they continually brought us closer.

That cute boy who was sitting behind me on my first day of high school 
in Coach Fletcher's Spanish class is now my husband. 

We were talking about our High School lives and I really feel like there is so much that kept us close, and obviously for a reason. I can truly see God's hand in our relationship and now in our marriage. I am so blessed.

Though we are the same age, we were in different grades in High School. It wasn't likely that we would have classes together, but some how, each year we were given more opportunities to become closer. During our Spanish class, we became really good friends and I can admit now that I had a huge crush on him. When the school year ended I was really sad that I wouldn't have the chance to spend much time with him after that.

The next year however, I was sitting in my calligraphy class, waiting for it to start, and in walks J. He sat down with his friend, and when he noticed me, he motioned to the seat next to him. I got up and enjoyed the rest of the semester next to my (now) husband. At the time, we were both dating other people so it was fine just being friends. We talked ALL the time and were able to really grow close and this is when Jake became my best friend. I will always cherish the time that I spent with him there. (Don't ask him about the time I spilled ink on his sweatshirt though, he's still mad).

After that he was always there for me, and I for him. We helped each other through every situation and spent a lot of great times together. During my last year of high school, I realized that I was falling in love with Jake. He was still in a relationship at the time, so I just stopped talking to him. One night I was up late talking to our really good friend Joe. Joe knew my feelings for Jake and told me, "You are going to marry him one day anyway, so just tell him already." A few days later Joe was in an accident and passed away a few days after that. It was Jake that took me to the hospital that day to say goodbye.

That moment and that accident completely changed my life. Life suddenly became fragile and short and so real. I realized from that moment that there was a lot in my life that I wanted to change. And I knew that I wanted to become a better person so that I could live with no regrets. And when our personal lives lined up and we finally started dating, I knew that I wanted to do everything in my power to never lose Jake and to be the best person I could be, for him.

Even after we started dating, there was so much we needed to work through, and so much we had to overcome. Every moment, and every trial we have gone through was worth the pain in order to be where we are now. God sees us. He knows us and He loves us. He knew, long before I did, that the biggest blessing of my life was sitting right next to me all those years ago in Calligraphy class. It took me a while, but I figured it out too.

It has been 7 years and 4 months since I first met Jacob. Almost 5 years since our first kiss, and 1 year and 4 months since we were  married. No matter how we measure our time together, God has given us the best time frame for our lives together, and that is eternity. I am so grateful for every moment that I have had to spend with my husband. He is the best person I know. He is my best friend and the love of my life. And I could never thank our Heavenly Father enough for everything He has given me.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


As of late we have had a lot going on at our house. But thanks to Pass of All Passes and Groupons we've also had some great date nights as well.

FYI If you have pass of all passes- Gold's Gym is free for the month of December!
So happy about that.

Well, I will back track to Thanksgiving.We had dinner with my family. It was so much fun and I loved spending time with everyone. We haven't all had Thanksgiving in years, so I'm happy we all got together. 

We ended up buying a camera online for Black Friday as well. So, I might start posting 1543542 pictures a day. Sorry in advanced! Long story short about that, we will never go to Walmart for Black Friday again. They officially lost our business and whoever I can take with me. They are liars. 

Other exciting things we've been up to, first we went ice skating one Friday night. The Olympic Oval was free with PoAP in November. I hadn't been ice skating in a long time and was really scared to fall. So I was a semi-wimp. Also, there was a hockey game going on in the middle of the oval, so when we'd skate over to that half we'd skate away as fast as possible because of the smell. I will never put a child in hockey simply because of that. We had lots of fun though!

Oh and also, I hate wearing those pants and feel super awkward in them. But they're Jake's favorite and he begs me to wear them everywhere! Maybe I'll get used to them... 

Of course we have started decorating and getting ready for Christmas. We're getting presents together and shopping around. It's really difficult shopping for my husband because he just buys everything he wants. What do you get someone like that? Really, I need some help!

For Christmas we went to a "Latin Christmas" celebration in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. Two of the girls I lived with in Peru were dancing in it. It was fantastic! I really plan making it a tradition. They perform dances and songs and throw such a great performance. And even if you don't speak Spanish there are translating devices you can wear. But even then, Jake just watched without understanding and still loved it. 
And of course, these two beauties did amazing.

This past weekend we went to Momentum (indoor rock climbing in Sandy). It was fun as ever and we did a bunch of climbs. But my muscles are still recovering. It's pathetic. 

On Sunday our nephew was blessed. He is adorable. We love him, and it was great spending time with our family and all the kids.

We got some big snow storms around here this past week as well. One morning we measured 14 inches. It's also finals week so there's been no time for snow shoveling, except at midnight. Yes. On Friday night Jake went out with the shovel and I ran around the neighborhood with the dog. I wish I had videos of this. It was so funny! He had to hop through the foot of snow and kept running with his head buried so he could sniff. It was the middle of the night and we just ran a muck in the neighborhood. Well it was fun!

Lastly, on that note, we're having two female dogs over this weekend for Cooper. I feel like I'm prostituting my dog. But either way, it's going to happen. SO, hopefully in a few months we'll have some Beagle puppies for sale. All purebred, so just give it a thought if any of you are wanting one.