Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Complete Home Remodel- Before and Afters

It's our anniversary! 2 years of home ownership that is. So in light of this happy occasion, I thought I would share some of the drastic changes we have made to our home. Most were made within the first month after we closed, but some have been done within the last month. Everything has been done for less than $15,000.

You can find detailed posts about our house projects under the "Our Projects" tab here. 

The Kitchen

Dining Room
Dining Room remodel post here.

Living Room

Office/ Spare Bedroom

Master Bedroom


Bedroom #3

Downstairs Bathroom

"Dance Studio"

And allow me to also point out the shed, yard and grass.

I wish I had a (before) before picture, maybe some day I will find it. But let me paint you a visual picture. The top steps were a bright green carpet, the landing was a gold, brown and yellow linoleum. The stairs leading down were a gray industrial carpet. Oh! And don't forget the one blue wall and the other pink walls. The before picture below is after we started renovations.

Backyard- Fire pit

The grass

 (some of) The Fencing

Not all the changes are pictures. We've also made some more updates since some of the pictures have been taken. We tiled our entire basement which was cement at the time. We also painted and added molding. We finished the laundry room as well and landscaped more of the yard. It's been a long and tiring journey, but SO worth it!


  1. You two inspire me! Your place looks amazing!

  2. Super great!! This is Chelsea btw, not Chris. :) Hope to see you guys soonish!