Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 in Review

What?? I swear I just wrote the 2013 review post. I'll probably forget most of this year, but I'll try to fit it all in.

I started working at my new job- teaching Kindergarten. I love it!

Jake started his new business and has been busy selling barn doors and flooring. (

I was still working hard teaching dancers at night through my studio. I have had SO much fun this whole year teaching and working with my students. 

We went snowboarding a lot this year. I finally got Jake to try it, and he's a season passholder this season. Here is how we spent our Valentine's Day. (We also both bought new boards since this picture. Yay!)

We went to China!
Links to posts about our trip are here for Beijing, and here for Shanghai.

Jake graduated with his BS from Weber State University!

We went to my family cabin for a weekend. Cooper had the time of his life! (That's mud, not his fur)

I did lots of dance performances and competitions this summer, either myself or my dancers.

I started a 24 credit semester over the summer. Brutal, but I got it done!

We went to Florida! Jake officially says that Harry Potter world is the best place he has ever been.

 We also spent some time at the beach.

We both turned 24 and celebrated our 2 year anniversary! 

I started my Masters degree at the University of Utah. This also means that we went to all the football games. 

Summer ended and I started a new year of teaching.

School, teaching school, teaching dance, homework, studying. This was what the semester turned into.

Jake was on a softball league with some friends. I got to cheer from the sidelines with all their awesome wives. 

More dance competitions!

We went to some Halloween parties, first dressed in our 20's attire.

Then as Harry Potter, with our pet dragon.

Jake started his Masters degree in Business Administration

Cooper was rushed to the hospital the night of Thanksgiving because he OD'd on Chocolate. We almost lost him, but he's doing great now.

Jake's little sister got back from her mission in Japan!

We performed at the festival of trees with the MWHDA.

We celebrated Christmas with our families all over the place, and had a great time. 

We celebrated the new year again with friends. (Including some newly returned)
 Happy 2015!