Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bathroom Makeover

This is from home number 1 and I've been meaning to post it for months and months.

One weekend we decided to do some additional remodeling to our upstairs bathroom. We had done major remodeling in the month before we moved in with new flooring, toilet, paint, etc. Okay, not major, but the majority of it. This time it started with replacing the outdated gold faucet. After we replaced that, we noticed the gold light fixture, the gold handles, and from those, the outdated wood cabinet. The project began.

First, we taped off and covered everything in the room with strip paper and spray painted the cabinet. We then detatched the vanity and taped off all the mirrors and spray painted the vanity a contrasting cream color. We added updated silver handles and an updated, though still super cheap, silver light fixture.

In all it took us a couple of day and maybe $100 at most. Super simple, easy, and I think it made a HUGE difference.

Also, here is the before we did anything at all to the final product.

For a full list of other projects we have done look at "Our Projects" page here.

Hello New Home!

The story of our new home is kind of a continuation of my last post. We bought our first home in July of 2012 when every house was on the market and we got a killer deal. In the two year of living there, we completely renovated the house and knew we had a lot of equity. Our plan was to look [slowly] for another house we would want to buy and then move out.

Well, I was pretty picky in where I wanted to move and what I wanted in a house, so I figured we'd still have a long time in our home. I didn't want to move far from our current location as I had dancers I was teaching. I also wanted a large in home dance studio with a sererate entrance. In my mind we weren't really going to ever find it.

One day I was at the home of my dance teacher growing up. She mentioned that they were looking around for another house. I didn't think anything of it, but on the way home realized that meant she would be selling her home and I suddenly wanted it. It was everything we had been looking for. I rushed home and told Jake we were going to buy this home when she moved out. He had never even seen the house.

A few months later, Heather bought another home. At this point she let me walk Jake through her house so he could see what we'd be buying. He still had never seen the inside of the home, but I was already set on getting it. He fell in love too. We listed our house within a few days and it sold 4 days later. We made our offer on Heather's house and the rest is history.

We shocked Heather with speed in which our house and move all happened but she was absolutely wonderful in working with us, even letting us move in early after we closed on our home and waited for the closing of the new home. We could not be happier.

We love our new home. We have made it ours. For weeks after living here it still seemed so surreal. I have been coming to this house since I was 7 and now 18 years later is was mine.

To officially christen the house as ours, I did have to paint the room that I spent close to 15 years of my life in.

 Before at Yellow
Now to Gray

Monday, July 20, 2015

Goodbye Old Home!

In April, we officially moved out of our house. We had known for a while that we were going to move out. We had purchased this house for such a low price and done a lot of renovations. So the plan was to stay until we found another house we wanted to buy. We debated for a while on renting or selling our first home. When it came down to it and we found another home we wanted to purchase, we had enough equity to really make it worth it for us to just sell. The market was great also and the timing right.

We listed the house on Tuesday. By Friday night we had 4 offers and we hadn't even made it to a weekend. We had probably 20 showings a day. We let the last of the appointments come by Saturday and we picked our offer that night. One month later we had to get out and say our goodbyes. 

This is how we said goodbye. Our last night in the house we had a sleepover in the living room and jumped on the bed. Cooper too. 

Empty Living Room

 Emptied Kitchen

And Goodbye to our First Home!

 Also, I had to include a picture of the entrance, A- We had just gotten rid of the ugly ball light and put in the chandelier before we sold our house. B) I do NOT miss the dumb split entry.