Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bathroom Makeover

This is from home number 1 and I've been meaning to post it for months and months.

One weekend we decided to do some additional remodeling to our upstairs bathroom. We had done major remodeling in the month before we moved in with new flooring, toilet, paint, etc. Okay, not major, but the majority of it. This time it started with replacing the outdated gold faucet. After we replaced that, we noticed the gold light fixture, the gold handles, and from those, the outdated wood cabinet. The project began.

First, we taped off and covered everything in the room with strip paper and spray painted the cabinet. We then detatched the vanity and taped off all the mirrors and spray painted the vanity a contrasting cream color. We added updated silver handles and an updated, though still super cheap, silver light fixture.

In all it took us a couple of day and maybe $100 at most. Super simple, easy, and I think it made a HUGE difference.

Also, here is the before we did anything at all to the final product.

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  1. I agree. $100 is a bargain for a work that is as effective and comprehensive as that. There is a part of bathroom renovation that is for image and appearance, but it doesn't end there. Rather, it's also making sure that the elements of the bathroom are working well this time, such as replacing outdated faucets. Good thing those kinds of stuff were covered, as well.

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass