Monday, September 7, 2015


Day 10- Venice/ Dublin
If you didn't already read about it, days 1-9 are posted here on my Italy post.

Day 10 happened to be my 25th birthday and our last day in Italy. So we started the morning walking around Venice a bit and then caught a bus to the airport. We booked seperate flights to Dublin because it's much cheaper to fly in and out of Dublin from the U.S. than Italy. But we decided since we were doing that, we'd spend a day there as well.

Our flight to Dublin was on Aer Lingus which is the cheapest airline I've ever seen. Their "complimentary" soda was 2.50 euros. And to even pick a middle seat next to a toilet was $10 a person. But we made it to Dublin none the less.

In Dublin we checked into our hotel in the temple bar area and first thing, stopped at a pub for some fish and chips. They were delightful! It had also been years since I'd been in the UK. So I went straight to a store and bought some prawn cocktail crips and aero bars.

We then jumped on a hop on hop off bus. We simply just wanted to see as much of the city as we could and then explore on our own. This was a cheap way to do this. If I had more time in the city though I'd love to tour the Guiness factory or visit the old jail. But instead we just rode past them. We got off and walked around. We went to Trinity College as well which was really cool.

After the college, which was close to our hotel. Then we went out around Temple Bar. This area was amazing! It was one pub after the other, packed full of people, all with incredible live musicians playing. On the streets, again, live musicians everywhere. We spent the night dancing and enjoying the free concerts everywhere we went. I loved this city!!

Day 11- 
We did try to get some sleep before our flight but from our room could hear partying in the street up until we got on the bus in the morning for our flight. It was insane but we loved it.

We flew home and after delays, changed flights and missed connections, we finally made it home at midnight. My Dad picked us up from the airport and when we got home he threw some salmon and chicken on the grill at one in the morning because, why not?

This was such an incredible trip! I wish we could be there right now.