Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in Review

I swear the years fly by. I did a 2014 review here, a 2013, a 2012. The years are melting away. I do love writing these though because it's a great opportunity to reflect on the year. I don't think I ever really realize how much can happen in one year until I put it all in one spot. This has sure been a crazy year too.

We did more projects around our (first) home here. Which came in handy later in the year.

My sister and her family moved to Alaska.

We listed our first home for sale on Wednesday. By Saturday we had 5 offers.

We officially sold our first home and moved to our new incredible house. It took some time to finally close on our new home, but we are so happy we made the leap and moved.
The story of our sale is here.
The story of our new home is here.

I finished another semester at the U.
Jake kept working hard on his MBA.

I finished another amazing year teaching Kindergarten at Alianza Academy.

I had dancers compete at the Thanksgiving Point, Utah competition.

We went to Kauai for an incredible week with Jake's family. (Blog post here)

Jake got PRK (Lasik) eye surgery! He no longer needs his glasses and is loving life, even though he hated life at the time.

I had dancers compete in Payson

We also did lots of summer performances.

Jake bought his new truck.

We celebrated the 24th of July at my family's cabin in Fareview.

I spent my 25th birthday in Venice in the morning and Dublin at night. Best birthday ever! (Dublin post here)
One week later Jake turned 25 in a less extravagant fashion.

We celebrated 3 years of blissful marriage

I started a new school year teaching Kindergarten.

One day after the start of the new year, we got word that our school was being closed and I no longer had a job. It was so incredibly difficult to leave such an amazing school and work environment. I couldn't have asked for a better place to teach.

I was started my new position teaching 2nd grade now in Granite School District. It has been an extremely hard transition but I'm blessed to be where I am.

During my Fall break from work, we went to Lake Powell with my Mom and her husband and my Uncle Dave and Aunt Nancy.

We also stopped at Goblin Valley on our way home.

We had SO much fun, which led to this purchase. Jake was hooked instantly.
We celebrated Halloween with more football.

My Mom got her new puppy Libby. Her and Cooper became instant best friends.
We used our Snowbird season passes for the first time on opening weekend. 

On our third run of the year, I fell in front of Jake and he tried to get out of the way quickly. In doing so he broke his collar bone in 3 places.

2 days later he went in for surgery. He ended up with 10 screws and 2 plates to reset the bone. We are so happy he did get the surgery. And SO happy for low deductible insurance.

We had Thanksgiving this year with the Deklerks, though Jake was not fully aware what was going on most of the time. 

I finished my last class of my Master's program!

We celebrated Christmas with my dance family.

We celebrated Christmas with our biological families.
One month after surgery, Jake was cleared to go back to the mountain. Thanks doc. 

Jake was also able to start working again, though he doesn't have the strength to do much.

My brother got married!

We brought in the New Year again with friends.