Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pallet Statement Wall

We decided to do a little something to spruce up our small two piece bathroom. This may be one of my favorite remodels to date. 

You can see the rest of our remodels from homes 1 and 2 on our projects page here. 

We ended up doing quite a bit, but one part of this project made the biggest transformation. We pulled apart pallets and made the back wall a statement of pallet pieces. 

One thing to keep in mind, the pallets were much more difficult to pull apart than we originally anticipated. We tried to pull them up piece by piece but they began breaking and becoming unusable.
It was much easier when we just took a saw to the pallet and cut off the pieces, rather than try to pry out the nails. 

We pieced them together and just glued and nailed them to the wall. We sanded down the whole wall, but tried to keep the colors as much in tact as possible. My favorite part about the wall is the variation in color of all the pieces. Some are even gray from oil... but I love it!

We put a clear coat over the wood to keep it in tact. We also decided after to paint the walls as well. If you're planning on doing this, paint first!

This is the before and after of the bathroom with just paint and adding the wall. We later decided to go one step further and retile as well. 

Here you can see that one step further after we also changed to a tan tile. 

Coffee Table Makeover

We were given this coffee table and decided to change it a little to match some of the furniture we already had.

It was not that difficult of a process, but I think it turned out great. We first used a stripper to strip the previous stain and sealer.
After we removed the top layer
We only removed one section of the table because the rest we decided to just paint white and therefore the previous stain didn't matter.

Once we had the wood stripped back to an unfinished state, we mixed a couple stains and refinished the top. We added a clear coat to protect it and finished painting the base white. We also painted the handles on the drawers to make them stand out a little as well.
This table has a liftable top
Simple, quick, easy, and we love it!