Friday, June 3, 2016

House Re-Tiling

For a list of all our projects from our homes, check our Projects Page here. 

So we undertook a huge project of retiling our whole main level of the our new house. This included a bathroom, laundry room, entry way and the dining room and kitchen.

We did a lot of tiling in our first home and it was never too big of a deal. It also wasn't too bad through the first phase of tiling in this home. Once we got to the kitchen however, I'm not sure why started this in the first place! It was a huge project. Our house was covered in dust. It was tons of work and super exhausting. But in the end, I'm very satisfied with the results and happy we did it.

Phase 1- Pulling up the tile to the backdoor, laundry room and bathroom.
We have started changing the details of this home from gray to brown tones. We love the craftsman style rustic look and this seemed more personal to our tastes. This meant we changed the gray and white tiles to tan.

We also added a dog door when we moved into this home so Cooper could take care of himself. However, we decided to tile under his door as well so that his dirty or wet paws didn't step right onto carpet.
So we pulled it all up!

Phase 2- Tiling these areas

Phase 3- Pulling up the tile in the kitchen and dining room
This is where we lost our minds a bit. The tear out was crazy ridiculous.
We tried to consolidate the dust but it didn't work.

This was pure exhaustion and we were only done with the dining room
Phase 4- Tiling again, making cuts for several days and grouting
We tiled all the middles first before making any cuts. Because of the pattern we used and a mixture of large and small tiles, there were WAY more cuts that we thought. But we did get a large chunk of the dining room done without cuts. 
Just look at all the cuts we had to make. And all the additional help in weight we needed to combat our unlevel floor. 

This guy was moral support the whole time. 

This was day 5 or 6 of staying up until 2:00 a.m. laying tile. This was the moment we finally finished laying. Yet we still hadn't grouted.

Phase 5- Painting the grout because the first wasn't dark enough. 
We grouted and then finished our job by cleaning all the tile. Well pinesol bleached the grout. The result was that you could not see the pattern we had worked so hard to lay and figure out. You also couldn't tell there were two different sized tiles. 
We found grout colorant here at Home Depot for fairly cheap. We had to go back through and basically paint all the grout again. It made a huge difference though and was very worth the extra effort. Especially after all we'd done to lay this in the first place.

Before and Afters
The dining room with the white, then tan tiles

 Kitchen before and after
 Backyard entrance- before with gray tiles, after with tan covering the dog door as well.
 Bathroom/laundry- before with white tile, after with tan.

Final Results
All the tile we bought was on discount. We happened to find one shade that came in the two different sizes we were looking for. We paid about $600 for all of the tile but we figured out we spent about 120 hours of labor between us.