Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 in Review

I know I say this every year. But how is this year already over. I just wrote the 2015 review here. It's also fun to look back over 2014, 2013, and 2012  though, so I'm going to continue with this year. I had a great year with my love.

Jake started working again after breaking his collar bone and getting surgery at the end of November.

My sister came in from Alaska. Her kids came and taught my class about all the cool animals around their state.

We had a fun superbowl party.

We took on the enormous project of retiling our entire house. The blog post about it is here.

We used our Snowbird Season Passes a lot.

We went to lots of Utah Basketball Games.

My Uncle Kevin passed away suddenly. We were shocked to see him go but he had a beautiful funeral service.
My Dad with his brothers and Kevin's wife.
We tore out our grass to cement for our boat. It sucked.

I had dancers compete in Vegas so I drove down for the weekend. (I won't lie, that was the first time in 
4 years Jake and I have spent a night apart)

I walked at my graduation from the University of Utah for my Masters.
Courtney got married!
We took our new boat out for the first of many times over the year.

My Grandma passed away. She is very missed.

I had dancer compete again in Utah and they did wonderful.

I flew to Alaska and spent a week with my sister and her family.

Jake picked me up from the airport, we went home and left for Lake Powell.

We went to Bear Lake with a group of friends.

Jake graduated with his MBA and walked with his brother John.

This marked the first official day of us both being done with our Masters!

We flew to Europe. Our blog posts about London, Paris and Belgium are here and about Netherland and Ireland are here..

We first flew into London
then to France
and back to Ireland

I started a new year of teaching.

We both turned 26

We went to all the Utah football games.

I competed in Las Vegas at a dance competition.

Jake made me our new dining room table.

We refinanced to a 15 year mortgage. Exciting I know.

We finally bought my new car! We'd been looking for an SUV for a while and finally found the one.

We also sold my car of 4 years. Thank goodness.

We took family pictures with the Deklerk's.
Jake went snowboarding ALL THE TIME. This time with a Brighton Season Pass.

We had our dance school end of year show.

I danced with the Salt Lake Avenue Choir in their Christmas concert with a colleage.

We spent Christmas week with family and friends.

We brought in the New Year again with friends.

We loved our Cooper. All year.