Sunday, February 26, 2017

Purchase Listing VS. Sale Listing

We sold our first home almost 2 years ago. It was a HUD home when we purchased it and in terrible shape. We had to replace all the plumbing before moving in and in the 2 years of owning the home, we flipped the entire thing. Most of the changes we made within the first month of ownership and prior to moving into the home.

This week, I looked up the listing from our purchased and had fun looking through what we had gotten ourselves into. I decided to compare from when we moved in to when we moved out. So for fun, here are all the pictures from the listing when we purchased compared to our listing when we sold.

To see all our projects from our first home to our second home look at our projects page here. I also blogged about why we decided to go with a fixer upper to start with in our Home Buying Tips for Your 20's post here. This fixer upper helped us to purchase the home we are in now.

 Living Room: We scraped off the popcorn ceilings, re-texturized and painted the ceiling, replaced the flooring, painted the walls (twice), repainted the railing, tore out the fireplace, added tile, a new mantel and new baseboards. 
 Kitchen: We tore our the tile (and the 3 layers of flooring beneath it) replaced the subfloor, added wood floors, tore out the backsplash and the cabinets, rewired the electrical to move the dishwasher, added new cabinets and changed the layout from a U shape, to an L with an added peninsula for seating and storage, added a new sink and backsplash, painted, took out the wallpaper around the light, added handles and granite countertops. 
 Dining Room: We took off the wallpaper, added a dog door, replaced the blinds, added flooring through from kitchen, added baseboard and painted. 
 Bathroom: we added a toilet (yes, it was missing), tore out the laminate and tiled, painted the walls, painted the cabinets, changed the faucet, light and other fixtures.
 Bedroom: we painted the walls and ceiling, painted (and added) the closet doors, replaced the carpet.
 2nd Bedroom (office): We painted the floors and ceiling, changed the baseboard and added closet doors.
 3rd Bedroom: we painted to horrible walls, added baseboard and added closet doors.
 Family room/dance studio: we painted the walls and doors, we removed the carpet and added wood floors, we added baseboards.
2nd Bathroom: we painted the walls and cabinets, we repaired the giant hole in the ceiling (not pictured) and the additional added behind the shower when fixing our plumbing, we texturized and painted the ceiling, we tore out the laminate, tiled, and we added baseboard.
 Storage: (which wasn't always this jam packed because we had to store our ping pong table during our sell process) we tore out the laminate and tiled across, we added baseboard and painted all the walls. 
Backyard: You can't tell because of the time of the year but we got rid of an infestation of weeds and regrew the grass from seed. (The after picture was taken right after winter, but it was lush) We painted and repaired the deck, we added a patio with a fire pit, we painted the shed (not picture).

There were more projects not shown through the listings. For more, look at our Complete Before and After's post here