Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pregnancy Story

The day we found out I was pregnant is one I doubt I will forget any time soon. I think deep down I knew I was pregnant. But I was so set in thinking that I wasn't. 

I had gone off birth control about 6 months before but I have never been regular and I'd been on birth control for so many years that I decided to stop to see if I would be back on track. I'm also a ridiculous planner, and in my mind, if we were going to get pregnant this year, we would in June or July to time my maternity leave with the end of the school year. If it didn't happen then, then maybe next year. 

Well, I was late, which is not unusual for me at all, but we decided to pick up a pregnancy test at the grocery store while we were there any ways. But I had started cramping and feeling like I was about to start, so I just figured any moment now, but we'll get one in case. My favorite part was when we walked by pickles and I said, "Oh that sounds good, we should get pickles." Jake just looks at me in shock and says, "You're pregnant!" I laughed SO hard because we happened to be getting a pregnancy test, but I wasn't pregnant, so he was just in shock for no reason. 

Well we get home, I go take the test and when I looked it was negative. I walked downstairs, Jake was standing there and says, "Well?" I look again and the second line had appeared. My face just fell into complete shock. Jake thought it was an act. So he immediately lightens up and says "Not pregnant." But it was my honest response. I made him come look, which he did, and just nodded and said, "Alright. Cool."

In the meantime, I went into FULL ON PANIC MODE. I was trying not to hyperventilate. This was not my plan. All of the sudden, I was WAY TOO YOUNG to have a child. I was panicking. 

The next day Jake and I took the boat out and talked about what this meant. I think part of me was worried about how Jake secretly felt about this, but he told me that day he was actually really excited. When I heard that, that was the moment I think I finally calmed down, came to terms and started feeling the excitement of what this could mean. So here we are, almost 15 weeks now and going strong. 

About a week after we found out I was pregnant the sickness started. I had a constant nausea that gradually grew worse over the next few weeks, morphing from nausea during the day and throwing up at night and eventually, throwing up all day. I started medication to ease this part of it and it helped. Now I can feel it starting to subside. I missed a couple pills on Saturday and was really sick for a couple of days. But not nearly the same as it had been a few weeks earlier. I finally feel like I'm getting to a place where I can get things done and not just lay around and mope all day. 

Next to the nausea, the other symptoms seems irrelevant. But it could have definitely been worse. And it seems like it will pass. Thank goodness. 

One last thing. We've been taking pictures every two weeks, but my favorite part is to see how much our yard changes in between each. 

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