Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2017 in Review

My sister's house in Alaska burned down and they lost every single thing they owned. No, this isn't about me, but it was definitely a significant loss felt by all of us. They have been incredible examples of caring about what is most important.

Jake went snowboarding. A lot.

We went to Sundance. We didn't actually go to a show but walked around and explored. Neither of us had ever been to Park City while Sundance was going on.

My brother came and presented for the 2nd graders at my school.
Jake, with his brother and Dad started their new company, Wholesale Office Furniture. He has been VERY busy since then working hard at the business.

We went to San Diego with my family. My Mom rented a large apartment right on Mission Beach.

On the way there, we stopped at Calico, and Valley of Fire State Park together.

We spent nights watching the waves, eating burritos while sitting in the sand, we rode bikes along the boardwalk.

My whole family went to Sea World together

Jake and I drove into Mexico and went shopping. We accidentally went to the wrong line coming back across the boarder, so we were detained and searched.

My sister and her family came to visit from Alaska and taught my class again about the wildlife in their state.

We had a fundraiser dinner/performance for the U.S. Championships that were to be held in Utah in July.

Our friends Erick and Kelsey had their baby girl.

We found out I was Pregnant! Pregnancy story here. 
The night we found out
We also spent many days out on the boat.
I went to Portland to watch some of my dancers compete in regionals.  My mom drove up with me. We stayed a night in Idaho, Washington and Montana on the way.

I was home throwing up every day.

Jake built us a pergola for a hammock in the backyard. We also planted some trees.

I have to point out that in this picture, Jake built the awning, the table, the bench, the bench cushions and the pergola!

We bought a new truck!

We went paddle boarding and Kayaking with our friend Kit. We had a nice time hanging out at Causey Reservoir.

We drove to a nice lookout to watch fireworks on the 4th from the back of our truck.

We took my nephews downtown to hang out and ride the train.

After years of planning, we held the U.S. Championships for Highland Dance in Salt Lake City.

And more summer competitions

We left for a vacation in Spain with my Mom and her husband. For a blog about this trip click here. 

Our trip continued, we also went to Portugal and spent a day in New York City. For the blog about the rest of the trip, click here. 

I started another year teaching 2nd Grade.
Our first day also happened to be a solar eclipse
I was halfway through my pregnancy

Jake's sister got married!

We went to the LoveLoud Imagine Dragons Concert. Our niece spoke and then was able to join the band on stage for their final song.

Jake's parents got a puppy!

We went to the Lantern Festival with Jake's family

Our trees grew out of control! But we love them.

We went on a drive through the canyon to see the fall colors, and also saw the first snow.

My sister had her baby boy Isaiah!

We celebrated Halloween with friends.
Jake played in a weekly basketball league in addition to his weekly pick up ball. (I of course lost my cool when an opposing playing shoved Jake and told him he was going to break his f***ing jaw... Like, 30 weeks pregnant and yelling at the man.)

Fall competitions

Us 3 grew up competition against each other. We now all teach, and were due with our daughters within a month of one another
My Mom and sister-in-law threw me a baby shower for my family.

More snowboarding

Jake played in a weekend basketball tournament. He played 7 full games in 2 days.

I had a baby shower with the Deklerk's and one with friends. I have some pretty awesome people in my life.

We had our annual friend Christmas Parties

We finished baby girl's awesome nursery.

We had our last Christmas as a family of 2!


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