Our Story

I already know that this is going to be more than anyone will every want to know about us. Nonetheless, I'm going to write it.

The Start
Jake and I first met in our Spanish class my first week of high school. We quickly became great friends and were a big part of each other's lives. It wasn't until the end of my Senior year though that we started spending some one on one time and actually dating. After we did however, I quickly realized how much this amazing man meant to me. Though we were both very young at the time (well, younger than we are now at least), I think we knew then that it didn't get much better than that. In the fall, I started college at Utah State University, and on September 23, 2009 Jake left for a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Over the next two years Jake served faithfully for the Lord. He lived all over Washington D.C. and Maryland. During this time, I completed my BS degree and was able to travel all over the world for school. I wrote him letters weekly (probably even more than that if I'm being honest) and he wrote me when he had time, as he didn't get a lot of time to write. None-the-less, he kept me involved in what was going on and it was a wonderful experience for me, as it so obviously was for him as well.

He came home on September 28, 2011. I hadn't seen him in person in two years and five days, and man did he look good! We took the time to get to know one another once again. We dated and learned more about each other. We basically got to fall in love all over again. It was very hard at times and it took a lot of prayer and patience for us to know. But in the end, we knew that we loved one other and we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

The Proposal
I had absolutely no idea that Jake was going to propose to me. I know that girls say that and I always figured, "you have to have some clue". No. I had none. But it was all Jake's fault. He wanted it that way. I knew that we were going to get married at some point in our lives, but he just made it seem like it would be in the WAY distant future. We were even shopping for OUR house at the time. I just had to tell myself that it was okay for me to move in without a husband yet, and it would happen eventually. Jake would tell me all the time how he didn't want to get married yet, he joked about poor people getting married, and I figured I was in love with a noncommittal bachelor. Well, little did I know that this whole time he was designing and having my ring made.

On April 20 I went to spend the day at my nephew's birthday party. During this time, Jake got a call that the ring was done. When I got home, I didn't notice the distraught state of my boyfriend and the war going on in his head. He was sweet and complimenting, and he was a perfect gentleman.This was nothing out of the ordinary though, so I had nothing to clue me in. He drove me to Salt Lake that night for dinner. On the way there Jake, looking through the stuff in his car, asked "where's my ring?" Referring to the "CTR" ring that he always wore. I replied with a sassy "I don't know J, where's MY ring!?" Little did I know that it was in his pocket.

Jake took me to dinner, and then to Sacred Grove, a park in Salt Lake. We sat around on the grass talking and being all cute. Then we went to the LDS Conference Center downtown. Jake told me he had never seen the gardens on the top of the building, so I quickly demanded that we go. As we were walking up to the top, we stopped in front of the waterfall that falls down the front of the building. There was this beautiful waterfall, plus a great view of the Salt Lake Temple. Naturally, I made us stop to take pictures. After pictures, Jake told me, "I have this great coupon to a place right here." My first thought was of Coldstone, so excitedly I took the coupon he handed me, looking forward to the ice cream I'd be getting later. Well, while Jake was on his mission, I made him a bunch of really lame and now super embarrassing coupons for when he returned. One of them (awkwardly) said "Good for one Temple Marriage". I opened the coupon he handed me and immediately recognized my handwriting. When I looked up, he was on one knee. It was beautiful, exciting, and brilliant all at the same time. 

The Big Day
Our engagement passed WAY too slowly, despite the fact that it was merely four months. But finally the day came. We had just finished remodeling our new home. It was a ton of work, but we were so excited and ready to start our lives there. I remember the morning of, we were both so nervous. We got to the Salt Lake Temple where we were about to be sealed for all time. There was so much excitement and terror going through both of us! Yes, I said terror. But once we walked into the sealing room, there was nothing but pure love and peace. That's the only way I can describe it. This was the most wonderful, spiritual, and absolutely perfect moment of my life. Nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming surety and spirit that I felt in the Temple that day. But I feel so blessed for that experience.

To be honest, I could stop describing our Wedding Day after the temple, because quite frankly, nothing tops it. But we had a wonderful day full of loving friends and family. When we walked out of them temple, we were greeted by a carriage ride and a full Scottish Honor guard. Bagpipes, kilts, swords, brothers and all. We entered into our carriage under the swords of all the men in the guard. This was AWESOME!! We absolutely loved it! We had this ride to just sit and reflect on what had just happened, and enjoy some relaxing time in the busy day to be alone with each other.

We had a luncheon after the temple with all our close friends and family. We were blessed to have so many people pitch in and help us. From there we went on to our reception. Like most Utah weddings, we had a receiving line to greet our guests. (Not our ideal wedding situation). BUT, we were able to speak one on one with all of our guests which I am grateful I had the opportunity to do. We were both so grateful for all the amazing people that came out to show their love and support that day, and it really meant the world to us to be surrounded by all the people we loved most.
I danced with my brothers and father. We shared our first dance to the song "All About Us" by He Is We. We wallowed a little bit in our tired misery by the end of the reception, so it was wonderful when our limo arrived and we finally got to sit down and rest/ pick up some Taco Bell. Yes. We went to Taco Bell in a Limo on our Wedding night. What could possibly be a better end to the day? It was amazing. And all in all, we had an all around beautiful and unforgettable day.

Now we're just figuring out this marriage thing and starting on bigger and more exciting things. We couldn't be happier.
To be continued...

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  1. When you said Taco Bell it totally reminded me of your late night run with Amanda and Grant and that whole amazing night in general. haha. Loved reading this!